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All haircuts include a scalp massage, mask, and a blowdry


Womens Haircut


We go over exactly what you like and don't like about your current haircut. Together we'll come up with a haircut that suits your lifestyle and needs. I'll show you different techniques on how to style your hair and which products would be best for your new look. 


Mens Haircut 


one hour, cut, wash, scalp massage and style. Add a mens cool cover to get your greys tinted


Kids Hair cut 


For kids with obviously less hair than an adult. If your unsure please book an adult haircut.


* additional $5 charge for style with hot tools (curling iron / flat iron)


All colour services include a scalp massage, toner and a blow-dry




This service varies drastically from a subtle balayge to a whole new transformation.  The goal of a balayage is to leave with a more lived in look which is less maintenance.


Solid Colour


This service is for you if you've never coloured your hair and want to change it either two levels lighter or darker. This is not for colour corrections where you want to change your hair colour. please see colour correction below.


Root Touchup


Do you have roots? maybe greys? get your roots done every 3-6 weeks for maintenance.


Colour+full highlights


This is a full head of highlights and colour in between the highlights giving you all over coverage. 


Colour+ Half Highlight / Partial 


Need your roots done but also want to refresh your highlights? You might not need a full head of Highlights every time. Sometimes less is more. You'd be surprised what a pretty face frame and root touch up can do! 


Full Highlights


This service is for you if you want highlights all over. Giving you the most impact. This service is also for you if you still like to leave some dimension in between but have highlights everywhere. 


Half Head of Highlights


Usually with my blondes theres no need to do a full head of highlights every time, especially if your a dimensional blonde. My half head could literally be a full head! This service includes the entire top section, face framing and ponytail hairline (underneath for when you put your hair up in a ponytail)


Money piece + Face Framing Highlights 


Recently had highlight done and just need a little brightness around your face ? This service is for you. Face framing includes sides and front only. approx 9 foils. Want a bolder money piece? Great! Additional foils can be added for a bolder pop. Perfect for in between maintenance of your balayage.


Gloss Refresh


A gloss is great for sealing the cuticle and giving your hair back its shine! This service includes a root shadow which creates a shadow on the top of your hair to blend in any highlights in between appointments until your ready for your next highlight appointment, it could be an all over toner, or a combination of both.

*recomended every 6-8 weeks to keep your colour looking its best. 


Mens Cool Cover


Do you have greys but don’t want it to look like you coloured your hair? Men’s cool cover is a 5 minute service . It slightly tints the greys so The results are very natural and almost appear as though you have a darker grey. Add this to your next haircut service. 


Colour Correction


How do you know if you need a corrective colour service?

HAVE YOU previously coloured your hair and want to change it completely?

DO YOU have multiple things happening in your hair or multiple different colours?

DO YOU have box Dye in your hair?

If you answered yes to any or all of these you need a colour correction

Stil unsure??

Don't Worry

Send me a DM on instagram or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Or Book a consultation and we can talk more in person.


*All colour services subject to change and vary depending on factors such as density, length and product usage. An additional product charge may be added depending on these factors, which will be discussed at the time of the service.


Hand Tied Weft
Custom Clip ins
Tape ins

Extension quotes vary drastically and is strictly based on consultation.

During your consultation appointment we will review any concerns you have with your current hair, well talk about things like which method is best for your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve from having extensions, whether its length, fullness or both. We will then select the colour for your extensions so they match your hair perfectly or we can decide if colouring them is a better option. During the consultation you will leave with a plan in place so we can get you to the hair of your dreams!! 

Book a consultation by clicking the button above or shoot me an email if you have specific questions and ill be happy to answer them for you.

Looking to have your extensions moved up? click the reroot button above


*Includes scalp massage and style

Blow Dry Packages
Now Available!



includes wash and blowdry without hot tools


Blowdry with Hot tools


includes wash and blowdry with hot tools including flat iron, curling iron, etc.


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